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Wet Cleaning: Wet Cleaning means your cleaner uses special equipment  and cleaning solutions to process your garments. It’s more than just a motto. It’s a whole new way of getting your garments cleaned that is environmentally safe. Anyone who has sent clothes to a dry cleaner has experienced it. You can detect a chemical smell when you take the clothes from the plastic wrapping. Many of us wonder: Does that chemical smell indicate we’re being exposed to something harmful? The chemical we smell, perchloroethlene or perc, is in fact hazardous to the environment, a health risk to the cleaners and employees who work at dry cleaning facilities, and a problem for communities where dry cleaners are located. Caring Cleaners specializes in perc-free, environmentally friendly wet cleaning. Not only is wet cleaning a greener process, but in many cases our garments are whiter and brighter as a result of using the process. Bring your garments to the Greener Cleaner … Caring Cleaners!
Our Services: Dry Cleaning, Wet Cleaning, Couture & Designer Clothing, Weddings, Preservation and Restoration, Stain Removal, Household Items, Draperies, Leather and Suede, Racing Teams / Band Uniforms, Repairs and Alterations, Fire and Water Damage
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