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Racing Teams / Band Uniforms: Did you know that Caring Cleaners is the experienced professional in cleaning and maintaining uniforms for both racing teams and marching bands? Caring Cleaners is uniquely equipped to clean and repair fireproof Nomex racing garments. Our cleaning process will preserve the integrity of the fireproofing while removing stains and return your racing uniform to you fresh and crisp. Our staff is equipped to repair tears and rips using standard fireproof thread. We also clean pit crew uniforms while protecting sponsor advertising on the garment. Band uniforms are exposed to harsh conditions and often need to be cleaned at least twice per season. Caring Cleaners will clean and hang your band uniforms. We thoroughly inspect uniforms for stains, and are prepared to remove the typical soil stains, and other common stains such as hot chocolate and soda. Remember to always have your uniforms cleaned before storing for the off-season and store in air conditioned, low humidity environment.
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