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Preservation and Restoration: Caring Cleaners is one of the select few in all of Florida who is truly qualified to preserve or restore your wedding gown or vintage items. Stains from make-up, champagne, perfume and perspiration, ocean salt water, limousine stains, and bubbles are hard on your dress. These stains, not always visible to the naked eye, will eventually oxidize and destroy delicate fabric … if they are left untreated. In just a few months, the white will turn gray, dull or yellow … the fluorescence (what makes your gown white) will break down, candlelight gowns will darken. Unlike “regular” dry cleaners, Caring Cleaners is equipped to preserve your gown or special clothing. A regular solvent-based dry cleaner cannot guarantee that your gown will be returned to you in perfect condition. In fact, the International Fabricare Institute produces a pamphlet explaining the risks of having your gown dry-cleaned in solvent. At Caring Cleaners we are trained in gentle, museum-quality textile care. We use the safest techniques to hand treat stains, along with our exclusive anti-sugar satin treatment. In fact we restore vintage clothing for both individuals and museums.
Our Services: Dry Cleaning, Wet Cleaning, Couture & Designer Clothing, Weddings, Preservation and Restoration, Stain Removal, Household Items, Draperies, Leather and Suede, Racing Teams / Band Uniforms, Repairs and Alterations, Fire and Water Damage
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