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Leather and Suede: We inspect your leather and suede garments at the counter and note all stains, marks and missing and broken buttons. All suedes and  leathers are done on premises, and we do our best to match colors and skins perfectly after dry cleaning, although this is sometimes not possible. Our best advice to you comes in terms of preventative care for stains and day to day wear. Spills on leather and suede require different care than cotton and wool. If your leather is shiny and liquid repellant, you may be able to gently wipe it with a damp sponge. However, if your leather is butter soft, you should not attempt stain removal. It will most likely require professional care as soon as possible. Suede is a bit trickier. Some smudges can be improved with a clean eraser. However, an oily-type stains should only be treated by a professional. All leather and suede should be kept in an air conditioned or humidified area with the plastic off to avoid mildew. Any soil or stains should be brought in immediately for professional attention.
Our Services: Dry Cleaning, Wet Cleaning, Couture & Designer Clothing, Weddings, Preservation and Restoration, Stain Removal, Household Items, Draperies, Leather and Suede, Racing Teams / Band Uniforms, Repairs and Alterations, Fire and Water Damage
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